Solar Power International Florian Solar Display 2012

Florian at Solar Power

International 2012 Introduces a full line of Solar Structures for Indoor Living Space.

Florian was on display September 11th through the 14th of 2012, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. At SPI 2012 we launched a full line of new solar products including Solar Sunrooms, Solar Skylights, and Solar Growing Greenhouses. Using Americas first and only line of Bi-Facial Insulated modules designed for indoor living space applications. This module creates a true thermal break unlike other panels that will allow condensation, and make it difficult to maintain a set temperature.   

Our superior system offers the following:

Added module efficiency; since the module will now be in a controlled temperature environment, our early estimates show a 15% increase in power production.

Pre Engineered to meet all load requirements. Each enclosure sold is designed for its specific region.

We use only thick heavy duty extruded Aluminum. Strong enough for any application.

CRF Rating -We lead the industry. What is CRF? One of the most important ratings to look for with your glass enclosure, CRF Stands for Condensation Resistance Factor. Florian leads the industry with an unbeatable rating of 65 in our frame (backed by laboratory testing). This will help you reduce energy costs and stop condensation from destroying your room.

The only sunroom to offer a tamperproof nylon clip system, which gives the framing unbeatable energy efficiency for maximum comfort. Allows even pressure between frame, gasket, & glass. No screws to strip. Most manufacturers start with reasonably well-insulated designs, and then put their units together with metal screws or bolts! Each of these hundreds of fasteners conduct heat and cold right through the so-called thermally broken frame.

Weep system built into each enclosure with a pre slopped sill.

Optional Ridge Vent System to create airflow throughout the enclosure.

Heavy-duty 5-fin E.P.D.M rubber gasketing around each pane of glass. Some manufacturers still use thin window gasketing from years ago.

300 standard sizes available.

Standard colors come in Bronze or White baked on enamel. Also available are anodized and custom colors.

A wide variety of accessories ranging from cresting & finals, sliding doors, commercial doors, sliding windows, and awning windows.   

Glass is insulated with Super Spacer  Structural foam systems the environmental choice for high-performance, durable, warm edge insulating. Less conductive spacer provides optimized energy savings. This spacer is also energy star rated.

The display was bigger & better than ever! It was free standing unit 30 ’X 15’. This year’s display was designed to look like a back yard garden trellis along with a PV skylight and a PV sunroom. Keeping true to the goals set by Florian to modernize the look and design of traditional PV modules installations. This year’s display caught the eye of famous celebrities, press, and attendees. Passersby took hundreds of pictures / videos and whispers of “most innovative unique and best display” where heard from many. Beautifying solar and adding options to the solar industry is what we here at Florian Solar are all about and this was a great place for showing off what we can accomplish, up close and in person. Hope you got a chance to come by and see it.