Decrative Solar Racking Systems

Freestanding and Roof Skylight Systems

Finally! roof racking and freestanding racking systems free from mill finished mounting racks that give off an unfinished commercial look. Florians aluminum structures encapsulate the entire PV panels and creates a finished look like no other manufacture provides. All our aluminum come in standard baked on enamel colors of white, bronze, anodized options and custom colors are available.

Roof Skylight System

Free Standing Racking System

This system will work similar to standard racking systems as far as design, installation and pricing. Our racking systems offer the following benefits.

Beauty - Looks are everything and our racking systems will enhance your current PV structures. This system will add beauty and energy to your home or business.

Ease of Installation - Our system designed to be installer friendly. It’s simple, anyone can install with our shop drawings, manual and help line available.

Fairly Priced - Your customers will appreciate the finished look for the price. These structures will be an additional small percentage of overall project cost.

Internal Wire Chase - Allowing the PV panel wires to run throughout an internal grid. Which not only creates a clean look on the outside, but also protects the wires from the elements by encasing them inside the structure. A Beautiful and Easy Change for the Better.