Florian Commercial Division

Florian Commercial Division

You are invited to consult with one of our expert designers no matter what your needs are, we offer unlimited sizes and configurations. With a diverse portfolio of completed projects, Florian has overcome the challenges of location, size and custom applications. Our commercial department works with you to design a structure that meets your needs. Whether a solar canopy, carport or covered parking lot, customized racking system, skylight application, freestanding pergola, covered breezeway, etc.

Tax incentive FAQ:

The Solar Energy Industries Association has published a three-page document that provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the federal tax credits for solar energy.

Featured in the above picture is TD Bank's new 3,800 sq ft first green LEED certified prototype store located at 214-32 Jamaica Avenues Queens Village, N.Y. This store features two Florian Solar systems. One over the entrance in a trellis design and the other over the three lane drive-thru housing 72 Sanyo HIT bifacial photovoltaic modules. Read full article here

Take advantage of all the benefits we have to offer.

Standard Drawings, Details, and Specifications - Call for details (800)356-7426

Substructure Flexibility - For large commercial projects we can supply a substructure, or skin over yours.

Custom Pricing Available - For custom quotes, we can provide you with fast budgetary pricing.

All Standard built in Advantages Included - All systems are prefabricated, pre cut, pre drilled, and pre engineered. Also included with every structure internal wire chase, white & bronze finished aluminum and a internal gutter & weep system. This system is also weather tight, using the highest quality aluminum and E.P.D.M rubber gasketing.

Installation Help - We provide shop drawings, manuals, and a help line. This is a prefabricated system that will take less time to build and be economically cheaper then conventional construction.

Many of our competitors solar racking systems are cost effective but not up to Code

The Solar industry takes a blind eye to standard building code in regards to its racking and the panels. The cost per Watt industry keeps prices low by not using the IBC (International Building Code) on its overhead glazing. This gray area is commonly overlooked as most panels are not laminated and most racking is not engineered correctly. All of our products are designed to meet and in most cases exceed code.

Build it once so you don't have to build it twice: the below video is of a standard carport system installed by one of our competitors.

Projects Completed by Florian

The The project above is located in Atlanta, GA. This is an example of our Sunport series, custom designed to fit the building and to be installed quickly on site. Our engineering team laid out the entire system virtually, and when it wouldn’t fit the building just right, we had tempered safety glass decoy panels made to make up the sizedifferences. Our commercial team worked diligently on designing this system so that there would be no problems when it came time to be installed.We will work with you in all aspects of your project.