Accesories for Florian Solar Framing

Accessories Columns, End Caps, and Filler Panels

Filler Panel Options

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Dummy (Decoy) Panels:

Made from tempered safety glass and baked in PV Cells. Designed to match the Sanyo Bifacial Panels and to allow you to cover more of your patio at a fraction of the cost. They are also great when used as sample panels for your customers to see before construction.

Glass Filler Panels:

Made from tempered safety glass and designed for any application. Allows for full light to enter your structure at any angle, which creates a skylight effect where desired.

Additional benefits:

Lets more light through a system to create additional power generation from the back side of the Sanyo Bifacial Panel.

Solid Filler Panels:

Made with aluminum and insulated spacer material. Each panel is designed to create a roof above that matches our framing system and is used where panels can not be installed or are not wanted.

Cap & Column Options

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Square Fluted Columns:

Square fluted aluminum columns provide a traditional look.

Round Fluted Columns:

Round fluted aluminum columns provide impressive Roman styling.

Additional round column accessories - Click Here -

Acadian Columns:

Deriving it's heritage from the deep south, the Acadian style column features an inset panel that is easily modified into multiple panels with optional divider blocks.

Wellington Columns:

The Wellington combines the smooth lines of the Acadian with a wide square feel.

Craftsman Columns:

This Craftsman column is a popular choice for any look that would incorporate a post porch design. These columns are great on a cottage or bungalow style residence, and with our premium white texture paint, never need any touch up maintenance.

Empire Columns:

Empire has the same broad body appeal  of our Wellington with a boxed or Craftsman style capital base. Pre-painted with our textured white, this column is great for any project.

End Cap Options

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Pergola Style End Caps:

By far our most popular end cap option giving you a garden pergola look and feel.

Traditional Style End Caps:

Designed to finish a Canopy with a more subtle look.

Round Style End Caps:

Finish your Florian solar system with a rounded look great for emporiums and more commercial looking applications.

Standard End Caps:

This Cap is designed to run flush with the support tubes end.

Gutter Options:

Our versatile system can be designed for gutter hookup. This is great if your system is being used as a commercial awning as shown in this picture.

Custom End Piece Options:

We have the capability to offer custom end caps as per your design.