Round Colimn Options

Decorative Column Cap Options

For Round Fluted Columns

Standard Tuscan Column Caps:

Tuscan columns today are derived from the designs of ancient Roman Tuscan columns. Contemporary Tuscan columns, despite their long lineage, look very modern and sleek.

Typically the most ornate part of a column, the Tuscan capital is the exception to the rule. A Tuscan capital is smooth and does not have any decorations to mar its simplicity. A Tuscan capital simply blends in with the rest of the columns design.

Scamozzi Round Column Caps:

A Scamozzi capital resembles the Ionic capitals of ancient Greece and Rome in that the Scamozzi capital includes scrolling in its design. However, a Scamozzi capital has more decorative features than an ancient Ionic capital. A Scamozzi capital will delight you with its combination of eye catching adornments and classical scrolls.

Corinthian Round Column Caps:

Todays Roman Corinthian capitals are derived from designs of ancient Greek and Roman capital designs. Roman Corinthian capitals are decorated with stylized acanthus leaves which curve outward from the capital. Included towards the top of the capital are paired scrolls based on ancient Greek designs. The sides of the abacus, or the portion of the column that meets the arch or beam above, arc gracefully inward. Roman Corinthian capitals can almost appear to be alive with movement.

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