Live Under a Solar Roof

Live Under a Solar Roof

This recent install was completed by Solar Power Sunrooms for a local home owner in Wilmington NC . There are 16 Insulated Prism Bifacial Panels for a 3.2 Kilowatt system.

Make your new home addition something special.

Florian's new product line has been changing the way people look at solar. With projects going up all around the country people are starting to understand Florian's very unique approach towards solar power. Our view of solar power is somewhat different than most.  The majority of people in the solar industry take the "cost per watt" point of view, which says "cheaper is better".  In contrast, Florian looks to craft a piece of art adding value to your home and also saving you money in the long run.  Florian is now "a dual purpose home addition".  Sure, you may feel the sticker shock at first, but once you take in account all of the Federal and possible local rebates the solar equipment is often a free upgrade. These incentives not only help the customer with costly state of the art solar equipment, but can also knock a chunk off the price off the entire project, design, materials, site work and installation! 


Remember, zoning and permitting can be difficult with traditional solar arrays. What is a "solar rack"?  Where on a property should they be located?  Many building departments don't have clear cut answers to these questions (See related article here).  Who wants to see an ugly ground mount array in their neighbor's back yard? Now these backyard eyesores can be replaced with functional, beautiful greenhouses and sunroom additions. Florian's award winning solar home additions are breathtaking and impressive, which is unusual considering most people are of the opinion that solar is often ugly. The solar panels offer a unique look and added shading, which are a welcomed addition to any home or architecture.

Let in Some Light

Although the solar roof is translucent, adding additional or intermittent clear glass can create a multitude of unique architectural looks.  As you can see in the above picture not all of the roof is made up of solar panels.  Adding one or two clear glass panels can give the room a skylight look.  This is one of our more popular options providing home owners with their choice of glass placement and openings. You may even chose to design a checker board effect (See related Picture here) or other pattern depending on your individual taste. We hope you will consider all of our options and design possibilities when selecting your next home project.

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Solar Power Sunrooms

6821 Market Street

Wilmington, NC 28405

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Project By

Solar Powered Sunrooms

16 Insulated Prism Bifacial Panels for a 3.2 Kilowatt system Designed for Home Owner Wilmington, NC

Introducing The Sierra® F-200 Photovoltaic Module

The first Insulated frameless bifacial module designed to be integrated within Florian’s proprietary framing systems. The Sierra PV module will be used within our exclusive lineof Solariums, Greenhouses, Skylights and Conservatories. Adding living space to your home and cutting your power bill what better use of space could there be.

Florian’s Goals

We hope to make solar panels more popular by adding more options to the consumer market. In addition to solving problems that some may find with Architectural Review Boards, space issues, roof angles, etc. You now have options to place panels not just on your roof but in your backyard, over your deck, in the driveway, as a skylight, or over a walkway, etc. We want to make solar panels as common place as a deck on a home. We feel this can be done by making them more aesthetically pleasing with more uses and applications.