Solar Power International Florian Solar Canopy Display

Florian at Solar Power

International 2010

Los Angeles, CA

If you were lucky enough to come by and see our display this year it was a magnificent sight two see. The structure was designed to present a broader and more commercial appeal for our clienteles. It was bronze finished using traditional style columns and end caps and it held 6 Sanyo Bifacial solar panels. This style is perfect for light commercial applications that have been so very popular in the solar industry. This was easily our best display and show to date.

This was by far the largest solar show in the United States this year with more than 25,000 in attendance and we have watched as the Solar Power International (SPI) show has more than tripled in sizes since 2008 when we first attended. There were so many nice displays and so many new anxious solar professionals. After this show it is obvious that the solar industry in the United States is catapulting into a monster and we look forward to these exciting times ahead. We here at Florian can’t wait to see what next years show will bring.